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5 Facts About Tonga

This is my 5 facts for this week. As you may have heard or saw,, TODAY IS TONGAN LANGUAGE WEEK! This week our whole team have been learning about the history and some other things about Tonga. I hope you learn something new about my country and my culture. Enjoy!

John Spreadsheet For Our Extension Project

Malo e lelei! My name is John, me and my extension mates have been working on a manaiakalani movie for our project for this term. We have been using a kind of sheet to track down what everyones role is and when they have to complete their tasks they’re doing. We also put on tips of what people should do and what our movie is. I got the role of an animator and an actor, I will put in the spreadsheet after we have completed our movie, and it will show you what we have been doing for this term.