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Extension Drone Slideshow

This is what me and my Extension classmates have been working on most of the term. This is one of my 2 projects I have to finish for Extension. We had to create and share what other reasons drones can be used for. This is my explanation for the reason I think drones can also be used for. You can see my reason on this Google Slide. Check it out!

200 Word Challenge Wk4 T4

It was September fifteenth, nineteen fourteen. Sir Ernest Shackleton left to complete his mission across Antarctica. He had twenty eight men. On their way to Antarctica, they already found a HUGE problem that will affect them dangerously.

The ship, named Endurance, was moving slowly because thick layers of ice were trapping the Endurance inside of it. Many months of hard work and determination their ship was stuck and a piece of the ship fell off! It wasn’t possible to fix it or take it out anymore. They had to abandon it. So they left the Endurance and went off.

At this point, the mission wasn’t to go across Antarctica anymore, it was TO SURVIVE! They left the ship with limited amounts of food and they dragged and carried little safety boats with them. They brought the safety boats and they were off to Elephant Island. A Whaling spot. And after a couple of days, they finally found a piece of land! After fifteen months. They had to go to another place called South Georgia.

They brought the people that stayed on the ice and they went off to South Georgia. Finally after a year and a quarter they found civilization!

200 Word Challenge Wk2 T4

Hi, my name is John. I’m going to show you what is happening in this picture.
You can see that man climbing the mountain right?
At around five o’clock in the afternoon they took this photo while a man was climbing a mountain. You can see a man named Tommy Caldwell climbing a mountain, but you might not know his emotions. You can also see how high the mountain is. Maybe he is Exhausted because he climbed so high or he might be excited because he might be excited to make it up to the top, and then he can take a rest. Or Maybe, he is both. Maybe he is excited and exhausted.

That was my quick example of what’s happening in the picture. Just kidding, you thought that was all? We still have one more person left. So you see the person on the right taking the picture aye? His name is Jimmy Chin. You can also see that he is on one of those bungee jump ropes and is also taking a photo. You can also see the enjoyment on his face, so he must be excited and for what achievement he is making by doing this.