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Extension Movie Role Recap

Talofa Lava, and Malo e Lelei! My name is John. I am in my school’s extension programme that gathers some people to expand their learning knowledge. This year for our extension Film Festival Movie, I had some cool roles like being an actor, and an animator! For my acting job I had to go behind a big wall and pop out of it with three other people. We also had to dress up in some goofy and funny outfits. The hardest part of my actor role was trying to make the year fives communicate with our videographers who were like our directors. For my animator role I had to create a plane flying through the clouds. The hardest part of my animating role was trying to move the propeller and the plane at the same time! But my last role, that was probably one of the most fun part of the movie was… FINDING THE MUSIC FOR THE MOVIE! Yes finding the music for the movie, me and my friend got the role to choose the music. We had to use Youtube Audio Studio, which is a kids version of Spotify. We were scrolling through the site until we saw four songs that we chose. They were all great songs but we ended up with two, and we had to choose one, but we ended up using both of them. I you want the sounds they are called

  1. Bike Rides and Splashing Around.

But overall I loved my roles and I also had great people that I worked with.

5 Facts About Tonga

This is my 5 facts for this week. As you may have heard or saw,, TODAY IS TONGAN LANGUAGE WEEK! This week our whole team have been learning about the history and some other things about Tonga. I hope you learn something new about my country and my culture. Enjoy!