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My Role Model

Malo E Lelei and Talofa Lava! My name is John. Today I will be showing you my role model. His name is Jason Taumalolo. He is a NRL player that plays for the Cowboys. He is Tongan like me! If you want to find out more, check the photo! Thank you!

My Smart Reading Goals

These Are My Smart Reading Goals

I would like to read more books for enjoyment like novels,essays and non fiction novels by the end of the term.
I would also like to be able to read faster by the end of next term and time myself to see if I improved. 
I would like to be able to read 2 novels by the end of the term.

John, A Time I Was Shocked

One rainy day, I was in the toilet taking a number 2. It smelt so bad I nearly passed out. It was like a poison smell. Anyways… In the toilet I was thinking of popular songs in 2020 that were exploding with popularity across social media platforms. Such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and more.


There were heaps that I was thinking of so I came out and started looking at the songs I was thinking about.

I searched up one song that became popular on the internet. The song I searched up was Pumped Up Kicks by The Foster People. It was insanely  popular in 2020 so I obviously thought it was a song from four years ago, but then I found out that it was actually made twelve YEARS AGO from today. LIKE WHAT!? I WAS SHOCKED. 


I didn’t know that this popular song was THAT old. I searched up another song but they weren’t as old as this! Pumped Up Kicks is 1 year older than me! WHICH MEANS ITS TWELVE YEARS OLD.

And that’s one time that I was shocked.


Extension Drone Simulation Project

Thi is my simulation of what I want drones to do at our school and other schools in our commuinity. This is my animation that I will be using as an example for my Extension project. This term, Extension has be learning about drones. One of our main focuses for this Extension project is… What can we use drones for? the community and our school? Or the whole entire world. My thing that I wanted to use drones for is to be like a patrol drone. Some teachers have to get out of their lunch break to look after and watch over our children just incase they get hurt. If thi goes through, then those teachers that have to get out of their lunch can relax and have their lunch because some children will be given a drone to code so it can go around the school and patrol our children. If they see someone crying, they will tell another kid to help there problems.

This was my last extension project for the rest of the year. Check my blog to see my other projects I have made. Enjoy!