The Time I Ate The BEST Food In The World

So it was just a normal day after school, I walked across the street to get to my mum’s car. It was bright and sunny when I looked outside of the window, but then I realised, It was my MUM’S BIRTHDAY. We forgot to give her a birthday gift! So I panicked, I kept on thinking of what I should do? But then I remembered how much money I had. I had a lot, especially for my age. So I thought I could shout her dinner! I asked her where she wanted to go, and she said “Korean Barbeque?” I said “Ok.”

 So our family went and we waited. The place finally opened. We already saw a variety of options to pick from. So I grabbed my food and sat at our table, Everyoneelse sat down with the barbeque boiling. I tasted some of the food my dad made and it was delicious. But then I saw the famous and Fabulous Bulgogi! I had a bowl filled with rice and I ate both, I shouted in my head “THE FLAVOUR IS STUPIDLY GOOD!” Sadly we had to leave. But it was an amazing encounter with the delicious, scrumptious exquisite Bulgogi.

One thought on “The Time I Ate The BEST Food In The World

  1. KIa ora John I really like how you wrote about something you have done after school. I like your nice and funny words you have add to your story. Keep up doing your work and playing football.

    From Adnan

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