John, A Time I Was Shocked

One rainy day, I was in the toilet taking a number 2. It smelt so bad I nearly passed out. It was like a poison smell. Anyways… In the toilet I was thinking of popular songs in 2020 that were exploding with popularity across social media platforms. Such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and more.


There were heaps that I was thinking of so I came out and started looking at the songs I was thinking about.

I searched up one song that became popular on the internet. The song I searched up was Pumped Up Kicks by The Foster People. It was insanely  popular in 2020 so I obviously thought it was a song from four years ago, but then I found out that it was actually made twelve YEARS AGO from today. LIKE WHAT!? I WAS SHOCKED. 


I didn’t know that this popular song was THAT old. I searched up another song but they weren’t as old as this! Pumped Up Kicks is 1 year older than me! WHICH MEANS ITS TWELVE YEARS OLD.

And that’s one time that I was shocked.


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