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Climate Change Explanatory Writing

Climate change. Climate change is the reason why our temperature, weather and sea levels increase. This problem is a very dangerous threat and has a lot of groups that are trying to solve it. Climate change could be horrible in the future and I’m going to be explaining to you how threatening climate change is and how it started. 

Climate change first started when the temperature of the Earth rose by two degrees in the late nineteenth century. It all started because of us humans burning the fossil fuels, which are, fire, oil and gas. Fossil fuels are also rotting plants and animals. When fossil fuels are burnt there are huge amounts of carbon dioxide that gets released into the air.

Although we can’t stop it, we could slow it down. A way we can slow down climate change is by switching to electric cars or just walking because we are wasting the gas or the petrol that’s in our cars because the liquid would turn into gas because the petrol will be trapped into a pipe and it will be so hot the liquid would evaporate into a gas.

Now for the final part I am going to be explaining why and how climate change will affect the future. One way climate change could affect the future is the sea level. The sea level rises one metre each century which at first isn’t that much, BUT THEN YOU REALISE THE WORLD WILL END IN FOUR POINT FIVE BILLION YEARS the Earth will be flooded in the ocean and humanity will already need to find a new planet. This fact might blow your mind because according to google, twelve THOUSAND years ago the Earth’s temperature has risen sixty degrees! Sixty degrees is a lot because once you compare it to the hottest temperature ever recorded, which is fifty six degrees, that is a lot. These are some of the ways climate change could affect the world and how it started. 

Climate Change Response To Text

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Think carefully about each question, and use evidence from the texts to support your conclusions. Write your answers in full sentences, and use explanations and examples where needed.


  1. What are two of the largest sources of climate change? Explain what they are.


Source One:Greenhouse gases Greenhouse gases are the reason most glaciers are melting and alarmingly increasing the temperature.
Source Two: examples of climate change I am going to list so ideas that were in the article:

Deforestation, greenhouse gases, droughts, temperature and climate 


  1. Explain what impact climate change is having on our environment. Include at least 2 examples.


Climate change decreases the amount of clean water.

It also makes it that there are less rainy days but makes the days even more heavier than normal.


  1. What are greenhouse gases?


Greenhouse gases can be good and bad and they are a mixture of many different gases also they can be good to not make the temperature to hot or too cold


  1. How does deforestation contribute to climate change?


Because when the water levels rise we will take down some trees so we can have more space and instead of just leaving lots of open areas they place pine trees(They dont always put pine trees in those certain areas)because they are always straight and don’t take up too much space


  1. Why is it important to reduce our carbon footprint?


It’s important to reduce carbon footprint because if we reduce it, then carbon emissions will give us better air, better water and we will also provide more food which means we are going to save some for our kids and grandkids to eat.


  1. Do you think we, as New Zealanders,are doing a good job of slowing down climate change? Provide at least 2 reasons for your answer.
I think we are doing a good job because there are groups in New Zealand that are actually trying to slow down climate change, like for example The Climate Leaders Coalition as they are trying to reduce Emissions in New Zealand. But at the same time I don’t really think we are even helping, because there are some certain people in New Zealand as they might not know, but they are encouraging climate change, it’s also not their fault because they don’t know that they are. The people that are encouraging climate change are the people that own the factories, because of their smog.