What Happened Yesterday Morning

Hello, my name is John. School just started today, and I am going to tell you about our assembly that we had this morning. It was the ninth of October, it was a bright sunny day. I woke up and got changed. I was the most comfortable boy IN THE WORLD but my mum had to wake me up, so I just lied down for ten more minutes and then I got up. Me and my sister Lynette were on our way to school. We said goodbye to mum and walked in.


 The school court was different and the atmosphere was quiet. I walked into class with my friends and we just talked about the holidays. Then the bell rang, we all went into two lines and went to assembly. We sat down as the music was playing and we finally saw what our theme for this term was. Make It Work. We waited for it to start and the music stopped, and then Elijah, one of our prefects, did the prayer.

 Then Lynette who was also a prefect did her mihi, which is like a speech that’s in Maori. After that Mr Burt, the schools principal, started talking but Mrs Noa interrupted him and started complaining because of the big water tank that was filled with water from a leak.


And then Mr Sommerville came out of nowhere and used Suction to suck all of the water out of the water tank. But that was too slow so they used another method, and they used a method called pump. So basically to use the pump method they have to push water out of the tank. While Mr Sommerville was doing all of that, the leak stopped and we were happy.


Then we moved on to the presentations of what each team would be learning about this term. First up, it was team one. Team One’s movie was about a dog named Max. Max was a crazy dog that ran all over the place and couldn’t find himself a comfortable place to rest. His owner, Miss Shirley, found a piece of paper in the mail. It was a company that creates beds and cages for dogs so they can rest. She knew this was the perfect thing for Max because he couldn’t rest. So she rang them and they started to design. They weren’t thinking of making it too big, or too small. They were out of ideas until one of them found the perfect place, it was the perfect size and there was a cage that surrounded the dog, and they got to work. Max was excited and happy.


Moving on to team two’s movie. It was just an average school day and there were kids talking about wanting to be a superhero. They were dreaming of being Spiderman, The Hulk and Ironman. All of them created different houses and buildings that they thought they needed in the school, and this fit our theme for this term perfectly because this term it was all about building stuff and seeing what we needed around our school so we could build it.


Now it was team three’s turn. Team three wanted to talk about, What we would do if we were back in the stone age as cavemen. The first thing that the lady would do is try to find shelter because Dinosaurs were still around back then, and they were powerful. She found a house made out of animal skin and changed into her cavemen clothes. She also made herself a shoe which was made out of leather, and she had to wrap and tie it on her foot. Then she went outside to go hunt with the other cave people. Back then they didn’t know how to talk so they used songs and calls to say how they are feeling, so she used some of those calls and they went out to hunt for fish. She got a net and she chucked it and she got heaps of fish.


The next team was team four. Team four made a movie about what we could do or build around our school. They made multiple examples of what it means to think about what we need around the school. One example of this was when you walk into school where should we put our bags? Another example of this is, during morning tea, where would we sit if we wanna talk to our friends? Maybe we can add more chairs or new benches. Another one is, What about after morning tea? Where do we put our sports gear? What about you? What do you think we need in the school?


Now last but not least we have team five. Team five made a song. Instead of explaining what happened I’m going to tell you the lyrics. Pt England, Can We Fix It? Pt England, Yes We Can. Pt England, Can We Fix It? Pt England, Yes We Can.

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