Response To Text About ANZAC Day

  1. When did the Gallipoli campaign take place?
  1. a) 1914-1915
  2. b) 1915-1916
  3. c) 1916-1917
  4. d) 1914-1918


  1. What was the main goal of the Gallipoli campaign?
  1. a) To capture Constantinople
  2. b) To establish a sea route to Russia
  3. c) To secure valuable territory in the Middle East
  4. d) To invade Russia


  1. Who were the primary opponents of the ANZACs at Gallipoli?
  1. a) The Germans
  2. b) The Austro-Hungarian Empire
  3. c) The Ottoman Empire
  4. d) The British


Level Two: Vocabulary


  1. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps; what is a corps?


A corps is a subdivision of an army which means it’s an army that is split into corps.


  1. Complete this table
Word Definition Use in Article Your own sentence
Significant     This means when something or someone is more important than another thing or someone. It has since become a significant symbol of ANZAC Day. I am more significant than you in every way.
Etched This means when you won’t forget about something that happened. Turkey is etched in the collective memory of New Zealanders. I am etched in my memory of New Zealand’s history.
Inadequate This means when something is not good enough. Inadequate medical facilities, and a harsh environment. This person is inadequate.

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