Last Saturday me and my sister went to my cousins house and we played basketball and we started shooting then we did a one versus one and I lost. Then my other cousin came and we all played basketball until we went to a park for a easter egg hunt. The boys and the girls went in different cars. We went to the park and no one was there and the adults were already prepared. We all waited and got bags to put what we found in them. Then we started the hunt and I saw one on the playground and also on the trees.

Most of them were on the trees and we got dinosaur yoyos for the boys and unicorn yoyos for the girls. The boys also got red toy swords and the girls got purses. we also got chocolate. After that we waited for round two of the easter hunt. We talked about why we have easter and we all answered. Then they were ready and we started. We got our bags again and looked around and I saw three deodorant! I got them all but  I had to put t back I had too many.

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