Response To Text Animals In Antarctica

Antarctic Animals – Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.


Emperor Penguins


1) What is the scientific name for Emperor Penguins? 

Aptenodytes forsteri


2) The Emperor penguin is the ____________ of all penguins:

  1. a) Tallest b) Heaviest
  2. c) Smelliest d) a&b




3) What does the blue whale eat?

  1. a) Fish b) Krill
  2. c) Penguins d) a&b


4) How big can Blue Whales grow? 

  1. a) 30m b) 3m
  2. c) 300mm d) 30cm




5) What do the Fur seals eat?

→ They eat Fish and Squid.


Leopard Seals


6) What is the scientific name for Leopard seals

Hydrurga leptonyx


7) How much time do they spend in the ocean?

→ They spend 15-30 minutes in the water.


No Wolves or Polar bears?


8) Wolves and Polar bears live in the? 

  1. a) South Pole b) North Pole
  2. c) Parakai d) a&b


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